Orthodontic Emergencies

Soreness and Discomfort of Teeth:


               The first 24-48 hours after an orthodontic adjustment may result in some soreness to the teeth.  During this time a softer diet is recommended until the teeth are no longer sensitive.  This is related to the natural process of tooth movement mediated by the braces. To minimize discomfort you can take the same pain medication you would use for headaches.  If pain or discomfort persists beyond the first few days or if you have any concerns feel free to contact the office. (617.489.5500)

Poking wires:


          During the course of aligning the teeth the archwire can slide through the last band.  This is more likely to occur earlier in treatment, during space closure or when aligning the bite.   As the wire shifts or slides it results in a small end of the wire protruding which can irritate the cheeks. Fortunately, this can be easily addressed with the use of a small bead of wax over the protruding wire. (Dry the affected area with a paper towel prior to applying the wax for better retention) The wax will prevent any additional irritation to the tissue until you are able to contact the office for a quick wire snip. 

Loose Bands:


          From time to time a band may become loose. Often times this is associated with eating foods that are too hard or sticky.  If you feel as though a band may have become loose avoid wearing any headgear or elastics to that band. If the band has fallen off completely, save it and call the office to have it re-cemented. Once the band has fallen off the space needed to replace the band will close quickly.