Caring for your Braces




A word commonly used to describe a fixed orthodontic appliance, usually comprised of brackets, bands and wires.  The diagram below illustrates and names each part of a typical set of braces.

1. Metal Band
The band is the cemented ring of metal which wraps around the tooth.

2. Brackets
Brackets are connected to the bands, or directly bonded on the teeth, and hold the archwire in place.

3. Steel Ligature

A thin steel wire used to hold the arch wire in place, this would be placed instead of the elastic colored ties.
4. Archwire
The archwire is tied to all of the brackets and creates force to move teeth into proper alignment.

5.  Elastic Ligature
The archwire is held to each bracket with a ligature, which can be either a tiny elastic or a twisted wire.
6. Bracket Hooks

The bracket or band extensions that are used for the attachment of rubber bands.

7/8. Headgear and Bucal Tube

These are brace attachments welded to side of the upper and lower bands.